July has been busy!!!

I came back from my trip July 9, 2014. I had to catch up on school work because I fell behind. Then I took a break from school and worked on our quarterly report (balancing the account and completing a stack of reports for the last 3 months). I also worked on the program for this upcoming weekend, the flyer and information for a skeet shoot I will be in charge of, and then back to my 2 classes at Northwestern. I also had 2 bingo games this last weekend (remember that is a good 6-8 hour job each one) and finish the planning for our seminar this weekend. I realized for the Saturday I will have to change 5 times during the day. There are 6 different outfits for different situations I will be involved. I recently learned of what I will be teaching this next year a and it is different from what I had last year. The last time I felt like this I true my believe God made me fall down the stairs to show me I need to slow down. I will definitely have to look at what I can delegate to others so He will not put me in the position to make me rest. Have lots to do…..til next time.


Week 3 – Taking a Trip

Well this week will be filled with a trip.  I am posting before the week ends because I will be in Toronto for a week.  Again it involves the Lions.  We are having an international convention in Toronto.  We are having the parade on Saturday and that is most Lions favorite part of the convention.  If I can figure out how to put pictures, I will send those our as well.  I just put the app on my phone and I think I figured it out so hopefully I will send pictures.  I have lots of packing and shopping to do.  Hopefully I can complete most of my classwork before I go so I won’t be doing homework in Toronto.

Week 2 – Still busy

Well my week has still been busy, but not as bad as some weeks.  I worked a bingo game for our club (that is at least 8 hours from leaving my house to getting home).  I had a meeting this past weekend in Leesville, LA Saturday and Sunday.  That is a 4 ½ hour drive for me one way.  I also paid some bills for our club (we use about 50 checks a month) and done some paperwork that was needed.  We had a couple meetings to get our big seminar together in July and I had a few things to take care of for that.  I had an installation to do.  Because I am a past governor of our organization I am called upon to do installation of officers at clubs request.  This was my lion’s week.  My at home week was empty until my husband’s friend called he needed someone to watch his dog and his garden while they went on vacation.  My husband brought home enough okra I picked up 5 gallon bags of smothered okra, beans I had to fix and pick up, 3 kinds of squash, and cucumbers.  Then my father went trawling and gave me some shrimp to do.  All of this on top of my school work.

What is lions and why am I so busy?


Lions Clubs International http://www.lionsclubs.org/EN/index.php

The world’s largest service clubs organization put together to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace, and promote international understanding.  We began in 1917 with a dream from Melvin Jones wondering if people put their talents to work improving their communities.  In 1920, we became international and today we host over 200 countries with over 1.3 million members serving their communities.  In 1925 Helen Keller at an international convention spoke to the lions and challenged them to be “knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness”.

Why am I busy busy busy

Not only do I have my club work and being a past district governor that work as well, my mother is going to be district governor this year and I want her to have the best year she can.  Her big seminar is July 26, 2014 so we have been working hard on that as well as my usual 15 hours a week work I put in.  With all of the volunteer work I do, I like almost everyone else have a husband and a child to tend to.  I am also going back to college to get my masters.  I am taking 2 courses this summer (2014).  We are moving from a 4 X 4 class schedule to a 7 period day at the high school where I teach.  I am also going in as treasurer of one of Louisiana Lions state projects the Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation.  This is a foundation to give economically challenged individuals free eye care through LSU medical and our foundation so they can have a better quality of life through vision.  I am also on the fundraising committee and we are putting together a skeet shoot for next year and I am in charge.  I think I live life like Theodore Roosevelt said “when you are asked if you can do a job, tell ‘em, ‘Certainly I can!’ Then get busy and find out how to do it. “